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Exodus 25:09 The Tabernacle

Posted by on August 6, 2009

According to all that I show you, that is, the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings, just so you shall make it (Ex.25:9).

The tabernacle on the earth was a replica of the heavenly sanctuary. Its layout depicted the manner in which God’s covenant people could approach Him in worship.

The tabernacle was never intended to be the ultimate sanctuary ( Hebrews 8:5).

It was simply a copy and shadow. When God called Moses up to Mt. Sinai and told him to build the tabernacle. He gave him a definite blueprint to follow. This pattern was a type of a higher, heavenly, spiritual reality. It paralleled, so it would appear, the pattern that was later shown to John while he was on the island of Patmos, for we find in the book of Revelation an altar of sacrifice (Revelation 6:9); a sea of glass (Revelation 4:6); seven golden lamp stands (Revelation 1:12); the golden altar (Revelation 8:3); hidden manna (Revelation 2:17); and the ark of His covenant (Revelation 11:19).

The earthly was but a shadow, a barely suggestive copy of the heavenly—which preceded the earthly by all eternity. God insisted that the tabernacle be made strictly according to the Divine pattern. If this is true of a physical building, how much more important to build up Christ’s congregations (the people) according to the Divine pattern?

God was very particular in planning it; no doubt Moses was scrupulous in the building of it; and we want to be careful in the understanding of it.  The “pattern” was all of God, and none of man. This means that everything about the tabernacle, down to the finest detail, were designed by God and God alone!

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